Merge Together Game

MergeTogether game screen 1

Every game is new with a unique puzzle layout, variety of tile colors and unexpected challenges.


MergeTogether game screen 2

Just touch a tile and drag it up, down, left or right. When tiles are next to each other they "merge together" to form a chain.


MergeTogether game screen 3

Connect all tiles of the same color together to finish a level. This may seem easy but you never know, you might have to rearrange make them fit into the space!


MergeTogether game screen 4

When all tiles of the same color are merged together, it's time to celebrate!


MergeTogether game screen 5

MergeTogether is a friendly casual puzzle game that even lets you restart the level with an entirely new puzzle.


A challenging casual puzzle game


Play this original puzzle game and enjoy endless hours of casual puzzle fun.

Simply slide rows or columns and watch as the tiles merge together before your eyes.

Try to connect all tiles of the same color to finish the level!

It seems simple at first! But you'll soon discover puzzling problems you never even considered.

What if the group of tiles doesn't fit where you put it? What if you finished several groups and now the last one is scattered across the board with almost no wiggle room left?

It might call for some drastic measures!

As you become more experienced, you'll learn clever moves and ways to reshuffle. Can you get that last tile to go where you want it without messing up all your hard work?

As if that wasn't enough, every level is completely different with a unique layout and different numbers of tiles of each color.

That spices things up a bit!

You'll never run out of levels to play because there's millions of them! And you can even restart a level with an entirely new puzzle.

It's friendly, fun and challenging. Casual gameplay at its finest. There's no game-over, no punishment, no setbacks and nothing to lose.

Just a blissful flow of casual puzzle gaming.

How far can you go?

Try it now and have fun!

Available now on the iOs App store for iPhone, iPod and iPad.


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